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The best leggings now available to millions of people 24/7 at major airports.

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Come take advantage of this unique opportunity to open your own business in the United States. Discover the revolution in the vending market with Acai Berry, a renowned American fitness clothing brand with 15 years of history. A pioneer in the concept of technological leggings, our brand has already conquered more than 120 countries.

Previously, purchasing clothes typically required a visit to a physical store or an online purchase with waiting for shipping. However, clothing vending machines have changed that paradigm, allowing consumers to instantly buy high-quality garments at high-traffic locations.



We are offering a special opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to invest in an innovative and profitable market. With an affordable business model and full support for all legal procedures, you can start your entrepreneurial journey with practicality and security.




Airports are bustling hubs with a constant flow of travelers from various parts of the world. This translates into a large and diverse customer base, providing ample opportunities for sales and exposure.

Airports serve as gateways to international travel, attracting passengers from all corners of the globe. By having vending machines in these areas, Acai Berry can reach customers from different countries, allowing for global brand recognition and sales.

Being located in major airports increases the visibility of the Acai Berry brand. Passengers awaiting flights or passing through terminals have the chance to see and interact with vending machines, raising awareness about the brand and its products.

Travelers often have limited time between flights or may need last-minute items. Having vending machines offering high-quality fitness wear such as Acai Berry leggings provides a convenient option for travelers to purchase items they need without the hassle of searching for a store.







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